Datamark is a company that keeps a close eye on existing and up-and-coming technologies and programming languages for new developments so that we can provide an up to date service for our clients.


    The success of a project depends upon choosing the correct technologies and programming languages. Informed choices allow your project to be completed quickly and cost-effectively and they ensure a durable solution.


    The choice of technology should be based on one or more of the following: existing IT infrastructure, existing in-house skills, scalability required, durability of the finished solution, availability of the finished solution, performance of the finished solution, budget, build time available.


    Other important factors relating to the choice of technology are: how new the technology is, whether it has been tried and tested, how many people are using the technology, the availability of expertise in the technology, how much longer the technology will be around and whether the software manufacturer can be relied upon to keep the technology up to date. In our experience the technologies shown below allow us to offer the maximum flexibility to our clients.


    The technologies that we use are mainstream and widely-used, which means that any competent programmer will be able to work with or interface with our solutions thereby giving our clients more flexibility.


    In situations where skills in other technologies are required we are able to call upon the services of a range of freelance specialists who can assist us with your project.